Understanding the Legal Documents Every Young Adult Needs

Guest Author: Jessica Pesce Esq, Estate Planning and Elder Law Attorney, Ladimer Law Your eighteenth birthday.  This is a day that you’ve probably been waiting for your entire life.  At age eighteen, numerous doors open for you.  Most likely, your nearing the final days of your career as a high schooler, or you’re in the... Continue Reading →


Advice from an emergency medicine physician on how to be a smarter health care consumer

If you missed my live discussion at The Gentle Place tonight about to be a smarter health care consumer, don't worry! Here is the information as well as links to more information you need to know to hack the system to your benefit. My job as an emergency medicine (EM) physician means that I not... Continue Reading →

Don’t despair!

https://youtu.be/cSTSdvN-LKE Just because you missed my Facebook Live with #neonatologist, Dr. Adia Stokes. Dr. Stokes is a neonatologist and pediatrician with the RoweDocs Network of #physicians now providing in-home, virtual consultations for your newborn or infant. Neonatologists are your premature infant's first #doctor. But, once you leave the #hospital with your #baby, they are no... Continue Reading →

Dr Tien in the news

Dr Tien was quoted in an article about tinnitus, or ringing in your ears. Tinnitus is generally not an ear problem, but rather a sound created by your brain in the absence or decline in sound input from your ear. Sometimes tinnitus and hearing loss can be from Meniere's Disease, which occurs when your inner... Continue Reading →

How to avoid heat illness this summer

Heat illness refers to when your body can no longer keep its temperature in a normal range. Your metabolism is the main driver of heat production in your body but exercising raises heat production exponentially. It also takes a couple of weeks of exercising in the heat for your body become acclimated (used to) the... Continue Reading →

Don’t die from rabies

It’s Spring and the bats have come back to roost in our attics, garages and barns. With bats comes the risk of exposure to rabies. Rabies is serious and despite all of our medical advances, it still has an essentially 100% mortality rate. That means, if you get rabies, chances are you will die from... Continue Reading →

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