You can now self-schedule with me online!

Yes, you read that right. No more phone trees. Being put on hold. Having to leave a message. The power to make your doctor's appointment now lies in your hands. Check out my video to learn more. Or just go to my website and see for yourself! I love good news!


Seniors: don’t wind up in the ED from a fall

             “This is an 85-year-old male who pressed his medical alert device this morning after a fall,” the Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) said to me. It was 3am on my overnight shift. “He complains of pain in his leg and we bandaged a cut on his head and arm. We put him in a C-collar.”... Continue Reading →

They didn’t even do anything for me!

This blog was previously published on Doximity via Medium. I once took care of a man who had injured his ankle badly (trimalleolar fracture) while trying to enjoy a football game on a Saturday night. He had been seen at another hospital emergency department and was now crutching his way into my exam room with... Continue Reading →

Why medical tests are worthless

I am frequently asked by patients to “run some tests to make sure nothing is wrong.” This makes a lot of sense on the surface, but makes no sense as a physician. Why? Because testing without a context or a medical question is nonsensical. Let’s talk about why. How doctors think It’s frequently quoted that... Continue Reading →

Does Medicare Cover Telemedicine?

Guest author: Danielle Kunkle Roberts In recent years, telemedicine has made great headway in improving the efficiency and cost of healthcare. Being able to consult a physician for health concerns by phone or online makes life easier for people of all ages. It expands access to doctors for patients in designated rural areas while making... Continue Reading →

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