My Doctor Friend in the news

Check out a recent article I contributed to discussing the #flu and how #telemedicine can help you. #rowedocs #urgentcare #mydoctorfriend


Do you want to be healthier on your time?

We're all busy and don't always have time to see the doctor. Some of us lose our primary care because they leave the area or practice. So what are your options? Urgent care or ER, right? Or don't see anyone? Consider seeing me on your phone or computer for advice. I can tell a lot... Continue Reading →

What kind of doctor is your doctor?

You have more health care provider options these days than your grandparents did. Going to your doctor is no longer necessarily going to a medical doctor, in the traditional sense. It's fantastic that we have choices, but it can also be confusing. Every type of provider plays an important role in the healthcare landscape and... Continue Reading →

Flu test- do you need one?

#Flu swabs shortages are impacting clinics, urgent cares and #hospitals nationwide. There are 2 types of flu tests: rapid flu and flu PCR. Rapid flu is a 10-15 min test that detects the flu antigen (proteins on the surface of the flu virus). It is quicker, more widely available (read: in offices, urgent care) and... Continue Reading →

How I Fell for Fake Medical News Two Days After I Wrote a Blog About Not Falling for Fake Medical News

I had to share an example of what I talked about in my Medical Monday video ( as well as my blog advice ( to help you tell the difference between truth and fiction in medical news. Yup- I fell into the trap of believing a viral post. We all share and read posts regularly.... Continue Reading →

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